"Rhythm Is My Beat"

The Biography of Freddie Green

"We've only got one tough rule in this band . And that's that cat that plays that guitar. See, everybody's got to listen to him, you know. And he ain't going to let you go nooo...where. Keeps you right straight...can't move. Keeps it together" - Count Basie

"Corner Pocket"

Picture of Freddie Green playing Gretsch guitar.

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Pages: 336 * 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-1-4422-4246-3 * Hardback * August 2015 * $75.00

ISBN: 978-1-4422-4247-0 * eBook * August 2015 * $74.99

Series: Studies in Jazz

Subjects: Music / Individual Composer & Musician, Biography & Autobiography / Composers & Musicians, Music / Genres & Styles / Jazz, Music / History & Criticism, Music / Musical Instruments / Guitar

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Table of Contents


Chapt. 1: God Said: Let There Be Rhythm and Freddie Green Heard the Call
Chapt. 2: The Trail to Basie
Chapt. 3. Finding the Groove
Chapt. 4. Building the Wave
Chapt. 5. On the Road
Chapt. 6. You Don't Screw With What Got You Here
Chapt. 7. You Don't Have to Shout to Be Heard
Chapt. 8. Mr. Rhythm the Man

Appendix 1: The Quest of Freddie Green: From Ukulele to "Mr. Rhythm"
by Michael Pettersen

Appendix 2: The Dynamic Chord and Muted Notes (DCMN) Analysis of Freddie Green's Rhythm Guitar Style: What's in a "One Note" Chord?
by M.D. Allen

Appendix 3: For the Experienced Jazz Guitarist: Freddie Green Fundamentals
by Michael Pettersen

Appendix 4: Favorite Chord Voicings of Freddie Green
by Michael Pettersen

Appendix 5: String Height of Freddie's Guitar and How it Shaped His Unique Style
by Michael Pettersen

Appendix 6: Did Freddie Green Always Play the Guitar Charts "As Written?"
by Michael Pettersen

Appendix 7: Improvised Jazz Counterpoint: The Stylistic Characteristics of Freddie Green's Rhythm Guitar Playing
by Trevor de Clerq

Appendix 8: Freddie Green's One Note Chord Technique: Supporting Evidence from Other Guitarist

Appendix 9: Chapter Transcriptions

Appendix 10: The Ultimate Transcription

Appendix 11: Freddie Green Compositions Compiled by Mark Allen

Appendix 12: Freddie Green Recordings: A Selected Discography

Appendix 13: Freddie Green on Film and Video

Appendix 14: Freddie Green's Non-Basie Recordings



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