Photo Library of
Basie's Rhythm Man,
Freddie Green/e*

"Indeed, what is meant by the concept “Basie” is in no small degree to Freddie Green’s credit: the tremendous unity of the Basie rhythm section. Nowhere else in jazz did rhythm become “sound“ to the degree it did with Basie, and this sound, basically, is the sound of
Freddie Green’s guitar." — Joachim-Ernst Berendt

"Pep's" Personal Pics*

*Note: Dad's last name was often spelled Greene, and "Peas" is one of his many nicknames. Some of the photos are included in his biography:"Rhythm is My Beat: Jazz Guitar Great Freddie Green and the Count Basie Sound"

abstract guitar design with rhythm written across it. Freddie Green alone playing guitar. Freddie Green Shaking Pres. Ronald Reagan's had at Whitehouse. Freddie Green wearing his signature Greek fisherman's cap. Nat Pierce, Grover Mitchell and Freddie Green in Japan. Freddie Green with friends sitting on floor in Japanese Tea Ceremony. Joe Williams and Freddie Green at the first golf tee. Freddie Green playing guitar on stage.

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