Freddie Green's
Jazz Awards and Memoribilia,
amassed in his
fifty years with Count Basie

"Freddie Green is a Technique"
— Dominique Perichon

abstract guitar design with rhythm written across it.
Keys collected from around the world.
Acrylic piece honoring Freddie Green
Wooden plaque awarded to Freddie Green from Kansas City.
Acrylic piece honoring Freddie Green.
Plaque awarded to his son Alfred Green for his father.
Proclamation Freddie Green Day in the City of Los Angeles.
Plaque from the DownBeat 1958 Critiques Poll.
Plaque from the Westbury Conn. Fans.
Abstract painting by Merton Simpson.
Awarded the Ted Rhodes Golf trophy 1961 .
Memorabilia initials book ends.
Figurines from Japan.
Animal and oriental statues.

Memorabilla 1: Green key collection

Freddie Green (Dad) started collecting keys that were old and had unique shapes from the hotels he stayed in around the world: Leicester, England, Borg Holm, Sweden, Dominion, Canada, San Francisco, Parker, England.

Memorabillia 2: Jazz Hall of Fame William J. (Count) Basie Memorial Award

This beautiful acrylic piece is inscribed: "The officers and Board of Directors of the International Jazz Hall of Fame Present the William J. (Count) Basie Award to Fredrick W. Green for Your Extraordinary Contributions Towards the Development and Perpetuation of American Jazz. Presented this 21st day of August Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five at Kansas City Missouri. Elvise E Gibson, President and Chairman of the Board. "

Memorabilla 3: 1985 Kansas City Jazz Heritage Award

On the same day of having received the International Jazz Hall of Fame William J. (Count Basie) Memorial Award, Dad also received this award inscribed: "Kansas City Jazz Heritage Award Freddie Green In recognition of the contributions that have helped established and perpetuate the style of music known around the world as Kansas City Jazz. Presented in appreciation and admiration. 21 August 1985. The Kansas city Jazz Commission, Richard L. Berkley, Mayor.

Memorabilia 4: 1998 Freddie Green Inducted into the American Jazz Hall of Fame.

Awarded posthumously, 11 years after his death, this wonderful acrylic piece reads: "Institute of Jazz Studies Rutgers. In Recognition of Your Lifetime Achievements and Contributions To The World of Jazz, Freddie Green Is Inducted Into The AMERICAN JAZZ HALL OF FAME, MAY 3, 1998, New Jersey Jazz Society.

Memorabilia 5: The 2007 Black History Count Basie/Freddie Green
Humanitarian Award

"The 2007 Black History Count Basie - Freddie Green Humanitarian Award Presented to Mr. Alfred Green in Memory of Mr. Freddie Green, In Recognition of his Faithful and Dedicated Services to the Count Basie Orchestra Band, and to the TRi-County Area From Beginning to End. February 25, 2007. Recognized by The Honorable Rev. William H. Alston, Pastor, Mrs. Barbara C. Bennett, Director of R.A.Y.A. C. Council and the CEC Commission Black History Celebration 2007.

Memorabilia 6: City of Los Angeles Proclamation
"Freddie Green Day" March 1987.

This proclamation was to be presented to Dad at the Wilshire Theater where the Basie band was booked March 19th thru the 22nd. Unfortunately, Mr. Rhythm died on March 1, in Vegas. Guitarist, Kenny Burrell, read and presented the proclamation to me on stage during the Basie, Sarah Vaughan, Joe Williams, concert intermission.

Memorabilia 7: 1958 The Jazz Critics Poll

August 31, 1958 Freddie Green won the DownBeat Jazz Critics Poll that year in the guitar category, in company of a lot of other heavy hitters: Big Band: Duke Ellington, Male Vocalist: Lil' Jimmy Rushing, Piano: Thelonious Monk, Acoustic Bass: Ray Brown, Female Vocalist: Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few.

Memorabilia 8: 1981 Westbury Connecticut Jazz Fans Award

Award reads: To Freddie Green For Many Years Of Service with the Count Basie Band, Westbury Jazz Fans, Jim Spann pres. 1981.

Memorabilia 9: Painting by artist, Merton Simpson

This abstract painting by Charleston born artist, gallery owner, international collector of African art and tenor saxophonist, Merton Simpson, was a close friend of Freddie Green.

Memorabilia 10: Ted Rhodes

Freddie Green won "B" Flight Ted Rhodes golf tournament in 1962. Ted Rhodes was the first African American PGA golfer in 1948, paving the way for professional golfers, Lee Elder and Charlie Sifford.

Memorabilla miscellaneous collectables

Dad loved to shop, particularly in foreign countries, and would bring home objects small enough to stuff in his suitcase afraid of breakage if shipped by mail. The many friendships he developed abroad also resulted in gifts that he treasured.

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